Little nuggets of bite-sized goodness about things I have learnt on my coding journey.

23 Apr, 2022

CSS last of type pseudo class

CSS :last-of-type pseudo-class doesn’t work when the selector is a class (unless the selected element is also the last child of its parent). It still doesn’t work even if you disambiguate the class by adding a type selector. This is because :last-of-type only applies to elements and nothing else (classes, ids, attribute selectors, etc).

1 Apr, 2022

I set up a subdomain for my old website

This website is hosted on netlify. I archived the old version of the website but I still wanted a way to access it so I set up a subdomain and put the previous version of the website there. it's accessible here

30 Mar, 2022

My first tidbit 😊

Nothing to see here! Just my first tidbit! I'll be writing short notes about various things I have learnt and sometimes other random bits of content.